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Why you need an additional electricity meters indoors?

1. For operational monitoring electricity consumption. Continuous monitoring of consumption will make a real saving your money! And also you will be able to control the accuracy of the testimony in the invoices for electricity (by Iberdrola, etc.)

2. If you put your house in a short term lease, you have the opportunity to include in the rent cost of the actual consumption of electricity.

* Usually brownies metering devices installed in specially designated areas outdoors (and usually are locked), and our experts will install a miniature electric meter in your switchboard inside the apartment.

Special price for our clients - 75 euro (All included)

"In the spring of 2013, we bought a new comfortable bungalow with two bedrooms in a quite area near Torrevieja. All summer we had a lot of visitors... At first, we had a rest, with our relatives and friends. The problems began in off-season – when we returned to London, the home stood empty from October to January waiting for the New Year’s holidays. When we returned to the house in Spain – we were met by a terrible damp smell - lots of mould and cobwebs plus the very unpleasant smell of the raw sewerage! It took 3 days to air the flat plus the washing of all the walls to remove the mould etc. Our New Year holiday was spolit! We all know that a house near the sea demands regular inspection, airing, checking on water etc...etc...for a peaceful life we needed someone to look after my house when we were absent -now  i receive regular reports, I go online  and can check everything -  now, I am calm!"

John Tailor, London, Great Britain